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Why It’s Important For British To Have IDP In The EU?

With one exemption known as the IDP International Driving Permit, the British are still permitted to drive in EU nations with their current licenses. If you’re wondering why it’s essential for the British to have an IDP in the EU, read on. The British need valid automobile insurance for driving in the EU and other European nations; a green card is not required.

Because Brexit brought about many changes in the driving laws and regulations, it impacts how UK drivers of cars and motorcycles will travel abroad. However, these changes unaffected British drivers who want to drive in Europe. Although the UK left the European Union, some regulations ensuring easy mobility were maintained.

International Driving Permit (IDP)

An international driving permit or IDP primarily creates a global format for your driver’s license. Ten additional languages, besides English, can be used to translate the information on your license, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

It serves as a translator so that the local authorities in the nation you visit can interpret your driver’s license in their language. Since an IDP cannot replace a driver’s license, you should always bring it.

Why It’s Important For British To Have IDP In The EU?

In most European nations, your passport and driver’s license are all you need, whether American or Canadian. But other countries also want an international driving license (IDP). An official translation of your US license is known as an IDP (making it easier for the cop to write out a ticket).

The one-year-valid international driving license demonstrates that you have a current driver’s license in your country of residence. Additionally, it will assist in defending you and your family in the event of an accident involving a vehicle when you are traveling or the loss of official identification, like a passport.

Will the UK Driving License still be Recognized in Europe after Brexit?

The answer is that your British driver’s license is valid, but you must also have an international driving permit (IDP) to travel to EU countries. If you need to stay for an extended period, you must keep your IDL and IDP on hand to obtain the local government license if necessary.

Still, the situation is uncertain for those who frequently travel between the EU and the UK because one person cannot hold two driving licenses at once. As a result, it depends on the circumstances. While maintaining your UK or EU driving license, there is no need to hold additional permits because it is possible to drive throughout Europe, including the UK, with just one license.

In Europe, is Insurance Required?

As a third country since August 2021, the UK has participated in the green card-free zone, which allows drivers not to carry green card insurance, making any third-party insurance acceptable. The UK motor insurance offers third-party coverage for driving in most European countries.

Can EU drivers drive a vehicle in the UK?

The same is true in this instance; anytime visitors from the EU drive into the UK, they are entitled to do so. However, they must also include, from a third party or Car Rental Overseas service provider, the insurance of the green card of their home country. At the age of 70, if a driver becomes a permanent resident of the UK, there is an additional option to change their EU driving license.

Is an International Driver’s License Required in Europe?

In a nutshell, yes; however, one might also argue that this is more true in principle than in actuality. Certain European nations undoubtedly demand that non-Europeans (or those with licenses issued outside of Europe) possess an IDP; we’ll address those nations below.

A requirement for renting a motorhome may include possessing an international driving license. If you’re hiring in one of the nations where having an IDP is legally needed, then this is most certainly the case.

Driving Permits And Licenses

After Brexit, you will require your photo card license to drive outside Europe. The good news for British drivers is that they won’t need an international driving permit to operate in EU countries while on vacation. Since other languages are spoken in most European nations besides English, an IDP is a multilingual translation of your driving license.

After the UK exits the EU, it has been agreed that the driving license will continue to be recognized as a valid form of identification. Although a UK photo card license is sufficient identification to drive, you should also carry your IDP, just in case. It prevents waste of time.

Driving Documents For Europe

You must carry all required documentation when traveling abroad. After Brexit, you’ll need your logbook, insurance card, and other documents linked to driving and owning a car. If your vehicle’s license plate features any of the following symbols, you must attach a UK sticker:

  • Euro symbol mark

  • National flags of England, Scotland, and Wales

  • Number plates that solely have letters and numbers

Most nations do not require a UK sticker if your license plate has the Union Flag or another GB identifier. However, it is always advisable to have one, regardless of the information on the scale.


After Brexit, the UK government faced several issues. Specific regulations made it easier for people to drive in other European nations. Following its rules, the UK’s driving licenses and permits are still legal. Keep essential items close when traveling abroad.